Just Jim again, somewhere in the Manzanos.  My brother David thinks "Manzano" sounds like a banana.  But, that's because he lives in Florida.  So anyhow this picture was not taken by my sister Donna because if it had it would have been a way better photo.


My first relationship to any kind of musical situation is as a listener.
     ---Pat Metheny


Piano Tuning


OK so horseback riding has very little to do with piano tuning, but I had to use the picture somewhere.  (Actually I really like riding and don't get to do nearly enough of it!)


Anyhow, tuning a piano is something I have always enjoyed.  I started doing it in college, learned from some of the best in Boston.  Worked home tunings for Baldwin Piano Company for a while, and apprenticed at a couple of shops in the Boston suburbs.  For a while in the 80's I tuned more-or-less full-time on Long Island.  Now it is a part-time thing, but something I still find curiously satisfying.  I bring around 35 years experience to each piano I work on, and like to think I approach tuning first as a musician and second as a technician.  As such, I still tune by ear exclusively.


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