Just Jim again.  Photo by Donna Ahrend. Tell that boy not to slouch.


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Below are a couple of short musical bios for use in programs and promo, followed by links to some photos.  Just click the photos for bigger versions.  Permission is granted to anyone who may have use for these.





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Jim Ahrend

Originally from New York and an Alumnus of New England Conservatory, Albuquerque pianist Jim Ahrend now enjoys a full schedule of jazz gigs, accompanying and recording in the land of enchantment.  Organist at Nob Hill's Monte Vista church, Jim coordinated a 3-year experimental jazz-vespers series called "Faith, Hope and Jazz."  Jim teaches improv at Outpost Space, and is in his 4th year as pianist with the AJO (Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra).  Jim also stays busy with his 40-year piano tuning business, and engages his left brain with web coding for a variety of clients.


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Jim Ahrend

Originally a New Yorker, pianist Jim Ahrend came to Albuquerque in 2008 for the mountains, the big sky, and the change of pace.  An alumnus of New England Conservatory, today Jim is often seen playing with local legends like Bobby Shew, Michael Anthony, Doug Lawrence, as well as Glenn Kostur, Cal Haines, Lee Taylor, Colin Deuble, Douglas Cardwell, Mike Herndon, Pete Amahl, Milo Jaramillo, John Bartlit, Arlen Asher and many other fine players in the ABQ music scene.  In addition to his role as organist at Monte Vista Church in Nob Hill, Jim also coordinated a 3-year experimental jazz-vespers series called Faith, Hope and Jazz.  In addition to teaching privately, Jim also teaches improvisation at Outpost Performance Space, and is in his fourth year as keyboardist for the Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra.  As an accompanist Jim is often sought-after for his expertise in collaborative interpretations. Before coming to Albuquerque, Jim appeared regularly on national TV with guitarist Esteban on HSN, info-mercials, on CD's and DVD's as well as concert venues around the U.S.  Variety being his "raison d'etre," Jim's other careers have included commuter pilot and hypnotherapist, as well as piano tuning and web programming, both the latter of which he now performs for a wide variety of NM clients. 


For more info see www.jimahrend.com.



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Photos by Donna Ahrend