Just Jim again.  My wife Jodi hates this picture, says it makes me look like a smart-ass.  Oh well.  Another picture by my sister DonnaShe's good, huh?


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. 

     ---Albert Einstein


Website Programming and Design


When not playing music, I enjoy engaging my left-brain in webwork.  Basically I can deal with your web needs from start to finish.


While I sometimes do the "design" on websites, I don't consider that my forte. I am an interactive web coder and programmer. There are graphic designers with whom I work frequently, whom I refer to as "photoshop gurus."  I often then take their work and turn it into interactive websites.


I do specialize in:


• dynamic sites (database driven)

• custom backends (on my shared custom CMS called "LuckDragon")

• Custom SEO implimentation (make your site FIND-ABLE on search engines)

• cross-browser compliance (make sites look as close to identical in all browsers)

• server-side and client-side programming; MySQL-PHP on client side and jquery client-side.

• mobile versions of websites

• yearly hosting on my server, or I can build on your host


A few of the sites I have built:


http://www.skycity.com (Sky City Casino, destop & mobile versions; one-of-a-kind menu!)

http://faithhopeandjazz.org (ok, I have a little plug in for this site...)

http://www.grucci.com (World-class fireworks company)

http://www.acomaskycity.org (A beautiful place to visit!)

http://www.bobbyshew.com (also happens to be someone I perform with on occasion...)

http://advancedbodywork.net (you need this!)

http://www.slananm.com (where I live!)

http://www.skycitytravelcenter.com (desktop and mobile versions)

http://www.acomaconcrete.com (nice slideshow at the top)

http://www.montevista.org (built on my old CMS but still crankin')

http://www.elenajacinto.com (an old friend!)

http://www.ryanmontano.com (built on client's server, from client's design)

http://www.cquic.org (built on UNM's server.  I like the little floating balloon...)


So OK you get the idea.  Plus, what you can't see here is the new LuckDragon CMS (content management system).  It is slick and stable, easy to use (lots of icons) and has some powerful flexibility.  Four levels of logins means you only deal with what you need to for keeping content current.  I provide free training whenever I build a site on the LuckDragon platform, plus free unlimited phone support, so that you can maintain the content of the site yourself without calling your web-guy all the time (which can be time-consuming and expensive).


I enjoy CUSTOM programming for special requirements.  Give me a challenge!


Interested? Use my contact form for more info, an estimate, or written proposal.