Just Jim, standing over the new Yamaha G-7 at Monte Vista Church.  Photo by Donna Ahrend (that's my sister!).


There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as if everything is.


    ---quote attributed (probably incorrectly) to Albert Einstein (but I like it anyhow)



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A February I'll Not Forget Jim Ahrend  | Feb 29, 2016

What a month.  I'm happy to have tomorrow be March.


To say this has been a month of change would be an understatement.  Earlier this month came the first earthquake for me.  On February 12, my sister Donna (who's photos are all over this website) passed away, all too prematurely.  She had been suffering with cancer for many months and it got the better of her.  Donna was more than just a sister and life-long friend; she probably had more to do with the shape of my life than anyone else on earth.  Perhaps when I've had time to grieve the loss, I will write more in the future about her impact on my life.


Two weeks later, I submitted my resignation to Monte Vista Christian Church where I have enjoyed being the organist for the past 7 years.  Along with that came the announcement that I would have to stop Faith, Hope and Jazz, the Thursday evening experiment in jazz worship and community for which I have been musical coordinator for the past three years.  Monte Vista Church and Faith, Hope and Jazz have each been a huge focus for my life and a very enjoyable and satisfying part of my career here in Albuquerque.  I will miss them both.


I am stepping into Central United Methodist Church at University & Central, where my focus will be their contemporary worship service called, "New Day."  I am stepping into the unknown.  This is something I find myself doing from time to time, perhaps more than most people.  The uncertainty and chaos is familiar to me like an old friend.


But this month has really pushed the envelope, even for a "change veteran" like me.  So long February.  Hello, March.  Let's see what's up with that!


By the way---I'm playing this Saturday with the NM Philharmonic and Bobby Shew at Popejoy.  One of the big reasons why I love living in Albuquerque is the outstanding opportunities it has offered a guy like me.  Being part of the musical community here is a humbling, and highly satisfying, experience.  And you all make it so.